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Taurus Major And Peak Oil!
Dusko Jocic
(February 27th, 2006)

A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the web looking for something new about peak oil conspiracies and I happened to come accross free onlyfans the page, The site is about a Russian geologist that looks for oil in extremely remote parts of Russia with his team of scientists and specialists. They uncovered something incredible in the ice and find a gigantic creature that is at least 20 times fuck someones wife larger than the Wooley Mamoth. The glaciers on an incredibly remote island sexting with others had melted and revealed the beast under the ice. The creature is partially revealed and there is more under the ice.

Disinformation And The Clustering Illusion Ryan Fairley (February 7th, 2006)
So often we hear of the white rabbit. Neo in The Matrix even had his chance to follow one, and to most avid conspiracy theorists there is no better time spent then backpage similar sites looking for a cottontail with a pocket watch. Whatever your theory or truth, there are two seriously important pitfalls to keep one’s eye on when trying to communicate your findings to friends, loved ones, or others who might be interested in finding out more about what you have to say. There are two really huge issues that confront those who look beyond the “known”… and they are disinformation and the clustering illusion. These to monsters must free milf sites be slain if one is to have any credibility when confronting a favourite rabbit hole, no matter what its shape or colour.

 Lets Roll, 911 & Peak Oil
Dusko Jocic (January 10, 2005)
What if 911 was a conspiracy and was staged for a greater purpose? That's exactly what the website and film explains with great enthusiasm and patriotism. There is evidence that the planes that slammed into the World Trade Center had missiles and explosives on their under-carriages to help bring down the twin towers. As well, people interviewed in the film say that there were separate explosions all over the buildings, during and after the planes slammed into them. Many eye-witnesses reported that the planes had blue logos on their front sections and no windows and their undercarriages were heavily modified. If these weren't passenger flights what were they? MORE...

Project Magnet & The Great Canadian UFO
Ryan Fairley (January 2, 2006)
Interestingly enough, while it is true that many people from all over the world have spotted UFOs the term does not easily connect to Canada. In fact the word “Canada” and the word “UFO” are farther apart in most people’s minds then they are in the dictionary. But just like everything else Canada has had its share of weirdness and this includes UFO sightings and UFO searchers. Canadians, while being rather receptive to the idea that Extraterrestrials might be appearing at various locations for mysterious reasons, are a rather “hobbitish” group of people that firmly think...

The Pig And The Mongoose

Ryan Fairley
(December 18, 2005)

In the 1960s the United States of America had a big problem with communism. It considered all communist states around the world to be enemies, or at least adversaries, and it seemed that there was a never-ending list of people involved in mysterious CIA and FBI operations to root out, discredit, or topple the communist governments across the world. The Cold War was seen as a boom-time for spies, assassination, revolution, and conspiracy. Organizations like Mi6, the KGB, and the CIA were almost governments in themselves, sending agents or “minions” all over the world to gather information and plot dark plots. MORE...

Henry Kissinger & The Nature of Conspiracy
Ryan Fairley (December 2, 2005)
People love to watch conspiracies on television and to watch movies about conspiracies; the silver screen and all of its children have long been the breeding ground for conspiracy theories both mundane and bizarre. Theories/stories like “who shot JFK’ have become legend and few except the very young could actually say they haven’t seen something on TV about the subject. Naturally humans are interested by a good mystery, but unfortunately most of the most famous conspiracies (some now mere urban legends) will never be solved.. MORE... 

Personal Conspiracy Quest Dusko Jocic (November 25, 2005)   
You must be wondering why I built this site? Is it for financial gain, or to uncover the vast conspiracies that threaten the sheeplike state of the human race? I've been surrounded by strange phenomenon since I was young teen. I have seen aliens, ufos, become psychic, explored lucid dreaming and even altered the future. This incredible stuff has only led from one rabbit hole to the next, through a neverending abyss. MORE...

Monster Hunting & Other Summer Pastimes Ryan Fairley (November 18, 2005) 
Cryptozoology is the study of creatures either thought to be extinct (and yet still be alive) as well as the study of creature thought to have never existed (despite reports that they do). Famous examples include the Lock Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and even vampires. Anyone who has purchased the “learning bundle” from their TV provider knows that such channels such as Discovery, TLC, and NAT-GEO are filled to the brim with “Do They Exist” shows that feature a variety of wild haired ex-professors and obsessed
amateur naturalists who spend a lot of time and money looking for something most people find childish. Such television shows usually peak right around Halloween, and they disappear until well after Christmas.. MORE...

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